The ultimate guide to conducting a heritage survey

Guide to conducting a heritage survey

Building pathology holds vital importance. By doing a historic building survey, you will be able to locate and document the building’s historical features accurately. You could decide to focus just on the constructed environment while doing your survey; however, you also have the option of documenting locations linked with the heritage. So, why may you need a historic building or heritage survey? Here is why!

What Is a Historic Building Survey?

Firstly, building pathology is the set of documents consisting of marking of locations. It also includes high rises, constructions, trees, boulevards, cityscapes, and other elements of cultural importance. These are the ones that make up the “built environment” and “cultural landscape” of a delineated geographical area. We know it as a heritage resource. A heritage survey is the comprehensive process of gathering information about these elements, using the latest surveying equipment.

Building pathology also enables us to recognize and comprehend the nature of the historic resources in the region as well as the value of the associated resources.

Getting Ready for A Heritage Survey

It is best to conduct a historic building survey by a group of experts from the field of heritage architecture and surveying. In this way, the local government may formally embrace your inventory and use it to influence future decision-making. Before you begin, make contact with your state’s historic resources authority.

Determine whether or not your province’s historic resources organisation requires a historic building survey to be authorised or approved already when you begin your survey. Instructions for performing historic building surveys are published by several provincial historic resource bodies.

It’s a good idea to begin your historic building survey by reading up on what’s out there about your area of interest. The goal is to locate significant historical sites and figureheads, as well as significant historical topics, seasons, occurrences, and eras.

What will you receive?

A heritage survey service delivers all types of detailed results according to your specification and chosen format. Using surveying equipment such as laser scanners, total stations, GPS, drone technology and high-resolution cameras, the results are optimised to be the most accurate! What are the types of deliverables? Find precise results in the following:

  • Detailed 2D drawings at scales 1:50, 1:20, 1;10
  • High-Resolution Orthophoto at scales 1:50, 1:20, 1;10
  • 3D BIM Models for heritage
  • Meshed 3D models for complex features such as stonework and state
  • Decay and Damage Analysis for various materials such as plaster, stones, bricks

With laser scanning and surveying technology and techniques, you may capture precise data even from the most complex decorative buildings or objects.

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