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Topographical & Land Survey

Receive scaled 2D Survey drawings containing property, land features and physical boundary details using our reputable topographical survey services. Glasgow Measured survey delivers high-quality 2D plans and 3D Models, showing all-natural and manmade features with levels.

Why Our Services?

High Efficiency

We use Total station, GPS or 3D Laser Scanners to create accurate deliverables from Topographical surveys, depending on the level of visibility of the terrain features.

Accurate Results

By using our topographical survey services, you will receive faultless 2D drawings and 3D Models. Detect all features of the area of interest in its accurate representation.

Minimal Error

Glasgow Measured Survey uses the most trustworthy equipment for your 3D Laser Scanning services. Receive scan to CAD and 3D Models with no errors.

Save Costs

You’ll save cost and time in the long run for your building project with our precise and confident deliverables. No matter the restrictions, we will deliver quality results.

Glasgow’s Trustworthy Topographical Surveys

A topographical survey will ensure a detailed representation of the area specified, to proceed with the production of your 2D Drawings and 3D Models. Our 3D Laser Scanning equipment includes Total Station, 3D Laser Scanners or GPS to determine the level of visibility of terrain features and required coordinate system.

Why choose topographical surveys in Glasgow?

No matter the area restriction or access limitation, our topographical survey captures all showing manmade and all-natural features with levels within the location. Architects, estate and facility managers, engineers and construction companies will receive exceptional results through topographical and land surveying always!

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Wendy Campbell
Wendy Campbell
Very good approach to the client. Any wishes are taken into account. Our firm have used this Company over 3 years for all our measured building survey needs.


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