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Scan to CAD

Our measured building survey services are completely reliable for the production of precise scan to CAD. We produce floor plans, elevations and cross-sections through AutoCAD software.

Why Our Services?

Complete Capture

Using the latest 3D Laser scanning technology, we capture actual conditions of buildings successfully and swiftly.

Higher Accuracy

3D Laser scanning services provide higher accuracy than traditional methods. Our Glasgow measured building surveys never fail.

Flexible Formats

Our experienced technicians deliver your 2D Drawings in a variety of formats with the required level of detail.


Save time and cost with our effective 3D Laser scanning service. Our detailed scan to CAD will assist a successful project.

Glasgow’s Reliable As-built 2D Drawings

We import complete point cloud data into AutoCAD Software to produce your accurate 2D Drawings. Our technicians create accurate plans with the required level of details in an efficient and prompt manner.

Completely Satisfactory 3D Laser Scanning Services

As well as receiving 2D AutoCAD plans with an accurate representation of all building features, Glasgow’s Measured Survey will provide complete service to receive contents for your building project in full detail. Manage and plan your building project effortlessly with our high-quality deliverables.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Wendy Campbell
Wendy Campbell
Very good approach to the client. Any wishes are taken into account. Our firm have used this Company over 3 years for all our measured building survey needs.

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Progress with your building project with our measured building survey services and receive genuine scan to CAD to optimise the management and planning of your journey. Simple booking to own full detailed 2D AutoCAD plans. Contact us now!