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Measured Building Survey

Our 3D Laser Scanning company provides a complete and comprehensive measured building survey service, no matter the limitations or area restrictions.

Why Our Services?

Why Our Services?

Our service will ensure flawless results when producing scan to CAD and 3D Models. We do not settle for less!

Experienced Team

We work with the most experienced and passionate individuals in the field when completing your site project.

Affordable Prices

You will receive the best price for your project. No matter the time specification, we are fully confident to deliver time and cost-effective solutions.

Undeniable Detail

We capture actual conditions of the building and other structures. Be sure to receive accurate information with the required level of detail.

Glasgow’s Trusted Measured Building Survey Service

We complete a highly accurate and comprehensive survey using the latest 3D Laser Scanning technology, within any stage of your building’s lifecycle. Record, verify and produce scaled 2D drawings with our irrefutable 3D Point Cloud data.

3D Laser Scanning Services in Glasgow to complete your project

3d Laser Scanning services is ideal for architecture, construction, facility management and civil engineering, ensuring you have reliable information for the optimisation of project planning and management. Create cost-effective solutions as simple and straightforward as possible with a vast range of services.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Wendy Campbell
Wendy Campbell
Very good approach to the client. Any wishes are taken into account. Our firm have used this Company over 3 years for all our measured building survey needs.


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