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Glasgow’s Portable Laser Scanning

We deliver large-scale laser scanning services across Glasgow for any architect, engineer and construction facility manager needing an scan to CAD and 3D Model, which is fast, reliable and still accurate!

Why Large Scale Laser scanning?

Fast Solutions

For those who need a quicker solution over measured building surveys, our excellent surveyors use reliable laser scanning equipment and technology to complete your survey as efficiently as possible.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our portable laser scanning captures accurate and detailed results by hand, as well as offering flexible solutions such as mounting on UAVs, cars or pole for hard-to-reach places to collect data.

Quality Results

Obtain extraordinary results from floor plans, cross-sections and 3D Models with its effortless data capture. Our handheld laser scanner is easy to use, light and compact to capture data swiftly and thoroughly.

Straightforward Process

Transform 3D scan Data into tangible and actionable information when importing 3D Point cloud into AutoCAD software or Revit. Automatic registration of multiple scans is completed along with geo-referencing.

Glasgow’s Trusted Large Scale Laser Scanning

Capture all interior or exterior features with our handheld portable 3D Laser scanning tool for precise outcomes, in greyscale or colour, to allow the production of valid as-built 2D Drawings, 3d models and animations. The perfect tool to capture, process and showcase architectural and construction features.

Why our portable 3D Laser Scanner?

Our handheld 3D scanner has a range of 100m to scan all physical features, even if they are located further apart to each other. With benefits such as high-resolution imagery capturing the finest detail to be imported in CAD software, we assure you a high-quality result with undeniable information.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Wendy Campbell
Wendy Campbell
Very good approach to the client. Any wishes are taken into account. Our firm have used this Company over 3 years for all our measured building survey needs.


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