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Heritage Survey

A heritage survey is a systematic and reliable technique for investigating heritage resources, including historical and cultural places in a given geographic area. Glasgow Measured Survey uses the latest 3D laser scanning technology to conduct accurate heritage surveys, including laser scanners, total stations, drones, GPS and high-resolution cameras.

Benefits of using Glasgow Heritage Surveys:

High-standard Equipment

Glasgow Measured Survey conducts accurate heritage surveys using the latest 3D laser scanning technology such as laser scanners, GPS, total stations and drone equipment.

Qualified and Experienced Professionals

We have highly experienced surveyors with the accreditation of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We use our experience and expertise across all areas of heritage conservation to provide you with optimized survey services uninterrupted.

Swift Turnaround

Our deliverables are efficient and swift. They are produced through a broad knowledge of historical and heritage building industry and systemized processes to provide a quick turnaround.

Detailed Deliverables

Obtain highly detailed deliverables in 3D point cloud, orthophotos, as-built scaled 2D drawings and 3D BIM Models with the required level of detail.

Glasgow Heritage Survey Services

Our heritage building surveys help identify any defects, decays, and other fragilities using non-intrusive techniques. We use 3D laser scanning services to understand the construction techniques used to produce the original project and identify the different structural elements therein. Our efficient historical and heritage survey services have enabled us to assist with the preservation of many historic listed buildings across Glasgow.

When should you conduct a Heritage Survey?

It is important to carry out a heritage survey on a property before a local government planning scheme or local heritage register is reviewed. The findings of the survey can thus be used to prepare the local heritage registers and hence be part of the planning schemes. Find a reliable service with accurate and precise data to avoid any risks and errors.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Wendy Campbell
Wendy Campbell
Very good approach to the client. Any wishes are taken into account. Our firm have used this Company over 3 years for all our measured building survey needs.


Enquire about a heritage survey service today through a reliable 3D laser scanning company in Glasgow. Our surveyors are equipped with extensive knowledge and techniques to provide accurate service.