What is Scan to CAD? Measured Surveys & As built 2D drawings

As built 2D drawings: What is Scan to CAD?

For any planned construction process, you need as-built drawings to inform your next steps. Constitution workers can depend on efficient designs produced by architects or engineers to clearly see the structure of their project. The as-built drawings will help architects make any necessary changes to the original design. This is how as-built 2D drawings are produced through Scan to CAD service.

What is Scan to CAD?

Scan to CAD is a semi-automated service that converts 3D scans into editable, design-ready, and professional grade CAD files. As-built drawings are efficiently detailed plans of any existing structure. The produced plans help evaluate any changes made to the original building plan during the construction stage. Our measured building surveys produce a clear display of the geometry, location as well as measurements of the completed work.

The process and equipment used to create as-built drawings

Our team of surveyors rely on advanced 3D laser scanning technology, equipment and software to produce an efficient digital representation of buildings and structures. A measured survey is completed according to the client’s specification, in colour or greyscale. Point cloud data is captured, the perfect base to create as-built 2D Drawings as the accurately captured data is imported to AutoCAD software. Our technicians then produce the as-built 2D drawings according to the level of details and format requested.

Benefits of As-built drawings

  • Improves onboarding: As construction team/subcontractors are added to a project, as-built drawings will assist the teams get access to information in a quick fashion, enabling them to get up to speed to start the work.
  • Assist the facilities team: A full record of changes enables the facility teams to meet issues quickly, and the owner would greatly save costs down the construction line because of the improved operations as well as speed.
  • Streamlines permitting process: In many cases, government agencies will need sets of as-builts to issue construction permits.
  • Improves the renovation process: A complete history of project changes enables project owners to clearly see what has been built, therefore do not have to invest in learning the existing conditions of the project.

How Glasgow Measured Survey can assist

Glasgow Measured Survey delivers exceptionally accurate and detailed as-built 2D drawings through measured building survey. We clarify your required level of detail and specification prior to our measured building survey to determine the density needed in the point cloud. Rely on our advanced 3D laser scanning technology that can overcome all the limitations of your project site to deliver your desired deliverables through measured building surveying.

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