Key benefits of using a Measured Building Survey

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is an extensive and accurate survey conducted to portray a clear picture of a building, showcasing all its structural elements as well as architectural features. A measured building survey is a crucial undertaking for home redevelopment, planning new layouts, renovation or extension. The survey provides accurate data, showing the exact details of the building. The precise data can be used to represent the project in a digital format for efficient use. Glasgow professional surveyors use the leading 3D laser scanning technology, alongside the state-of-the-art equipment in the market, to collect accurate data with precision of up to 1 million points per second. What are the key benefits of a measured building survey to your building project?

Key benefits of a Measured Building Survey

  • A measured building survey produces accurate floor plans, cross sections, reflected ceiling plans or 3D models of a building to inform the planning, design as well as construction processes. Our experienced professionals using the latest laser scanning technology guarantee your desired deliverables with the specified format and level of detail.
  • With highly accurate data from our measured surveys, there is less likelihood of errors being made that may influence planning department rejections, as well as additional time and cost of redesigns. Minimising the risks of inaccuracy and error helps reduce costs on materials, planning and labours.
  • Capturing sufficient data of a particular building or structure before making any changes is an important practice. Our measured surveyors provide a detailed report that helps gain a clear image of the building and its structures, making it easier for all the planned construction works onsite. Completing a measured survey for your property will help fast track the commencement of your project. Our accurate measured surveys will enhance your understanding of what work can be done, and the potential issues that may be encountered during the construction process.
  • Our measured surveys use non-invasive methods that are crucial for delicate structures and heritage or archaeological objects. Glasgow Measured Survey use light instrument setup on camera tripod (no heavy survey tripods with sharp spikes). This setup is highly beneficial for room floor during surveys of luxurious interiors.
  • Glasgow measured building survey is a simple, complete and swift process, capturing the actual conditions of a building. Depending on the size and complexity of your building, our skilled team of surveyors can efficiently complete their surveys within 2 hours.

Why choose Glasgow Measured Survey?

Our specialists team consisting of highly trained and qualified surveyors, engineers and technicians will schedule a date and time to access the site of interest, fully equipped and prepared for the job. Upon completion of the survey, we will translate the scans into 3D point cloud for the creation of accurate as-built 2D drawings and 3D models.

These experienced professionals leverage on the latest surveying equipment to deliver secure services for sensitive environments and construction sites needing light instrument setup and safe operations. Our reliable measured building surveys provide accurate information on structural elements and features, such as walls, beams, windows, fitting, floor levels, doors, heights and many more, through in-depth and accurate surveys across Glasgow.

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    Author: Sonia