The Role of 3D Laser Scanning in Historical Preservation

The Role of 3D Laser Scanning in Historical Preservation

Historical preservation through 3D Laser scanning helps retell the stories of yesterday that are linked to the culture and the people of a community or country.

Preservation of buildings, places, artefacts, and objects is more than just protecting and conserving these structures but also identifying, planning, and implementing measures to protect these resources, including restoring, rehabilitating, and maintaining these assets.

Out with the old, in with the new

Gone are the days when designers, engineers, and architects rely so much on paper. As the years progressed, high technology and equipment were made available to cope up with the demands of speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency.
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Why utilize 3D Laser Scanning Services and how it works?

Technological tools and ways have radically changed how buildings and sites can be restored. 3D laser scanning is not a new trend since it has been practiced for years already, but only now that government and cultural organizations have seen its importance after devastating natural disasters or unforeseen decay.

As the majority of these existing historical structures such as heritage properties and archaeological objects do not have digital back-ups, cultural organizations have decided to leverage the benefits of 3D Laser scanning. Creating a 3D representation would ensure that the building’s design and details are preserved for future restorations or repair.

The technology works by shooting a beam of light at a site’s wall then measures the time it takes to bounce back, and then creates a point that will be transformed into a 3D model after millions or billions of the same measurements are taken.

A 3D measurement for an existing building provides a highly accurate 3D point cloud of the building’s architectural details, unusual surfaces, and conditions not visible to the naked eye for planning, construction, and repair.

Through a point cloud survey, the point cloud replicas will aid preservationists in recreating exact physical features of a structure with a high level of accuracy compared to old-school blueprints.

Besides, 3D Laser Scanning has the capability of capturing the building’s condition including the state of the materials which is critical when deciding if it should be replaced or renovated.
3D Laser scanning made the works easier, faster, and accurate by supplying an as built 3D BIM model or information that can be directly shared to your team of engineers, architects, or technicians to come up with real-time design decisions. Also, keeping an accurate file is necessary for archiving and storing the foundation of the space in mind.

Even existent as built 2D plans or as built 2D AutoCAD drawings generated by 3D laser scanning will provide more accurate measurements which equates to precise designs and drawings.

3D Laser Scanning and Historic Preservation

There are no better architectural trends or construction trends that can safeguard these important structures in the centuries to come than 3D laser scanning.
The technology has been the go-to tool for many contractors who have fully understood the edge of 3D laser scanning in terms of cost-efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and speed.
Its efficiency and versatility make it a great investment if you want to speed up design decision making, ensure accurate installation and construction, and better understand existent building conditions.

3D laser scanners and Glasgow 3D laser scanning services make the perfect solution for collecting faultless project data before, during, and after the construction phase.

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